Dampa sa Tarlac

Tried dining in Dampa, Paranaque and Ortigas. In one of our client visits to Tarlac, we chance upon Dampa sa Tarlac in San Rafael, Tarlac City. Strategically located along McArthur Highway, Dampa sa Tarlac is indeed a mini replica of its Dampa counter part in Metro Manila. Albeit a lot cheaper.

The front is adorned with Ariel and Flounder statue. There is a fish fountain behind the Little Mermaid star. I kept thinking why there is a security guard statue near the fish foundation. Perhaps its suppose to ward off thieves! I especially like Mr. Krabby greeting the diners near the entrance hall. The restaurant makes you think of eating fish and seafood indeed. I hope they will relocated Mr. Security Guard, kinda ruin the mood.

Inside you will find a small selection of fish, seafoods, catfish, and vegetables. It appears that diners are not that found of eating vegetables as the veggies served to us are over matured. In case you are in a hurry, they have prepared meals available. The meal portions are adequate for one person, and its affordable at 50-70 pesos (with rice, no drinks). We ordered the prepared meals, we have three meetings on that day and need something in a way of food immediately. We are about eight and our bill is less than Php1,000.

The restaurant is not air conditioned, but cool enough because of proper positioning of windows that provide good ventilation. There are no bands (I asked the server) so I suggest you read the fun facts posted at the walls to keep you busy, and informed.

Overall, this is a nice place to hang out with family and to chat with friends without spending too much on your budget.

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5 Responses to “Dampa sa Tarlac”

  1. maureen says:

    that place looks charming

  2. sherry ann gole cruz says:

    wow,a nice place to visit ..looks cozy

  3. Say says:

    We’ve been here before..really nice place and budget friendly talaga.

  4. The place looks homey. I wish you took photos of the food so I can drool over them, haha! :)

    Thess Reply:

    We were so hungry we finished the food in minutes. No time to take photos, thanks for dropping!

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